the Traditional Way

Photography is undoubtedly one of the most popular hobbies, and even those with only a passing interest in the subject will have taken several pictures in their time. With the advent of advanced mobile phones, the ability to take a good photo is now available to everybody. Still, those in the know prefer traditional methods for better results. Using a 35mm camera to achieve that perfect shot will almost certainly give a better sense of satisfaction. Photographic film is widely available from drugstores or chemists, and nothing can beat the thrill of seeing a photo develop the traditional way.

The History of Photography

26 Feb 2020

Photography is undoubtedly a fascinating subject, dating back to the 19th century. The technology used in the creation of photographic images developed rapidly throughout the 20th century, and now it is possible to use a mobile phone for an excellent result. However, purists would argue that traditional methods are still the best.

Setting Up a Dark Room

6 Feb 2020

Having discovered that you prefer the traditional methods when it comes to photography, setting up a dark room is the next step. Developing your own photographs is a thrilling experience. The designated room should be completely dark, preferably with no windows, but blackout curtains can be used if necessary.

Capturing Drama

24 Jan 2020

If there’s one word to describe what I’m most interested in as a photographer, it’s human drama. That drama can show on the face, of course, but also the hands, tense shoulders, or tapping feet.

Following the noise

I started doing a lot of study on body language. Check out this article for an introduction. I learned that it was important to find a place filled with human drama. At first I tried an airport, but then I realized that most people at the airport are actually quite bored. And so I asked what people are most passionate about? Money. And where is there the most drama around money? Well, I don’t live close to the New York Stock Exchange, so that leaves the casino.

I read some good articles on so I could learn the basics of the games. I read that the craps table was often the loudest, so I went there to do my photography. I certainly got the drama I was looking for. Every time somebody wins, about as many lose, so you can find some stellar juxtaposition. For me, that is the heart of photography, so I think casinos should be required venues for the serious photographer.

Develop Your Own Film

16 Jan 2020

Once you have a dark room set up with all the necessary equipment, there are just a few steps to developing your own film. Choose a developer, either liquid or powder, mix the chemicals and place the film in the developing tank. Once developed, rinse and hang to dry and admire your handiwork!