Capturing Drama

If there’s one word to describe what I’m most interested in as a photographer, it’s human drama. That drama can show on the face, of course, but also the hands, tense shoulders, or tapping feet.

Following the noise

I started doing a lot of study on body language. Check out this article for an introduction. I learned that it was important to find a place filled with human drama. At first I tried an airport, but then I realized that most people at the airport are actually quite bored. And so I asked what people are most passionate about? Money. And where is there the most drama around money? Well, I don’t live close to the New York Stock Exchange, so that leaves the casino.

I read some good articles on so I could learn the basics of the games. I read that the craps table was often the loudest, so I went there to do my photography. I certainly got the drama I was looking for. Every time somebody wins, about as many lose, so you can find some stellar juxtaposition. For me, that is the heart of photography, so I think casinos should be required venues for the serious photographer.

24 Jan 2020